RNA Basepair Families

No. Glycosidic Bond
Interacting Edges Symbol Default Local
Strand Orientation
Link to Exemplars
1 Cis Watson-Crick/Watson-Crick Anti-Parallel
2 Trans Watson-Crick/Watson-Crick Parallel
3 Cis Watson-Crick/Hoogsteen Parallel
4 Trans Watson-Crick/Hoogsteen Anti-Parallel
5 Cis Watson-Crick/Sugar Edge Anti-Parallel
6 Trans Watson-Crick/Sugar Edge Parallel
7 Cis Hoogsteen/Hoogsteen Anti-Parallel
8 Trans Hoogsteen/Hoogsteen Parallel
9 Cis Hoogsteen/Sugar Edge Parallel
10 Trans Hoogsteen/Sugar Edge Anti-Parallel
11 Cis Sugar Edge/Sugar Edge Anti-Parallel
12 Trans Sugar Edge/Sugar Edge Parallel

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