Ribostral Updates Log

Release 07.02.23:
1 - Isostericity compliance scores are now calculated and displayed on the InteractiveAnalysis GUI.
2 - The path and extension of the last read alignment file, and the path of the last read Excel NT-list file are now saved. Upon subsequent uses of the program the last saved path is browsed first, making it easier for users to look in their preferred folders and open their preferred alignment file type (.fasta or .mat).
3 - In case universal numbers are used, isosteric comparisons are made with the most populated pasepair within the most populated isosteric subfamily regardless of sequence order. Previously, comparisons were made to the first sequence. The new comparison maximizes the Score and is more fair measure of alignment quality.

Release 07.02.14:
An error in "Check for updates" has been fixed. An error in the tool "Generating BP lists from PDB" is fixed, and basepair class limits are updated. Display of PDB file in compiled stand-alone version now possible. Typing mistake of basepair name corrected in the InteractiveAnalysis GUI, in the "Color as" popup. Correction of the recognition of basepair type "fib" (opposite direction as "bif" or bifurcated cWW/tWH). Prevention of some errors in playing sounds, and improved display of version information.

Release 06.11.17:
Resolution of some bugs with Interactive Analysis where non-basepair inputs used to crash. Also, this has better user guidance if the NT List does not correspond or agree with the FASTA file. Finally, the user can now easily check if his/her version of Ribostral is the latest released: just go to Help > Check for updates and you will get the answer in the Status box on the top right of the main GUI.

Release 06.11.11:
Slight overall speeding up of the program. This update also fixes the bug when the GUIs sometimes opened outside the screen boundaries after changing screen resolution.

Release 06.10.15:
Default values for ribostral GUI position fixed. Better PDB Viewer tool in Interactive Analysis.

Release 06.10.13:
Better "PlotScores" method where the scores of different domains are plotted on the same figure with different colors, allowing the user to easily compare them. Also, if the PlotScores figure is not closed the user can add to it plots that represent new sequence alignments or new Excel Position Lists.

Release 06.09.22:
Support of the script version under MATLAB for those who do not want to use the Graphical User Interface. Just run ribostralNoGUI and follow the header comments to point to your alignment and Positions Excel files.

Release 06.06.24:
This fixes a bug caused when using the tool "Extract parts of FASTA file" after loading an alignment with only one domain. It also fixes a transient bug that sometimes caused the near-isosteric basepairs substitutions to be counted as something else instead. Finally, a section is added to the user manual (help file) with an example of how a simple alignment is fixed with the help of Ribostral.

Release 06.06.12:
This enhances extracting sequences from an original FASTA alignment. It allows their names to be user defined as explained in the Manual. Also any mention of the Linux is removed because that version is not yet in working condition.

Release 06.05.10:
This fixes an error when trying to open the help file from the menu of the main GUI. It also changes the name of this option in the help menu from "Tutorial" to "Manual". In addition, this release includes a minor change to the manual itself.

Release 06.05.01:
This fixes an error related to the variable "SEQNAME", when the interactive analysis GUI attempts to analyze a family of basepair in sequences belonging to anything other than the first domain.

Release 06.04.29:
This fixes an error caused by applying the tool "Merge & remove repeats from FASTA files" on small FASTA alignments.
2006 alignments added for 23S rRNA.