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4DV2 Summary
Demirci, H., Murphy IV, F., Murphy, E., Gregory, S.T., Dahlberg, A.E., Jogl, G.
Release Date
Experimental technique
3.7 Å
  • 1 RNA chain from Thermus thermophilus
  • 20 other chains
16S rRNA, ribosomal protein S2, ribosomal protein S3, ribosomal protein S4, ribosomal protein S5, ribosomal protein S6, ribosomal protein S7, ribosomal protein S8, ribosomal protein S9, ribosomal protein S10, ribosomal protein S11, ribosomal protein S12, ribosomal protein S13, ribosomal protein S14, ribosomal protein S15, ribosomal protein S16, ribosomal protein S17, ribosomal protein S18, ribosomal protein S19, ribosomal protein S20, ribosomal protein THX

Pairwise Interactions

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RNA 3D Motifs

In the current release of the RNA 3D Motif Atlas, 4DV2 contains:
  • 69 internal loops from 0 motif groups
  • 32 hairpin loops from 0 motif groups
  • 12 three-way junctions

3D Redundancy

4DV2 has chains which belong to the following equivalence classes in the current representative set:

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