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5WLC Summary
Release Date
Experimental technique
3.8 Å
  • 3 RNA chains from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • 67 other chains
5' ETS, 18S pre-rRNA, U3 snoRNA, rpS18_uS13, rpS4_eS4, rpS5_uS7, rpS6_eS6, rpS7_eS7, rpS8_eS8, rpS9_uS4, rpS16_uS9, rpS11_uS17, rpS22_uS8, rpS24_eS24, rpS28_eS28, Utp17, Utp8, Utp15, Utp9, Utp5, Utp10, Utp4, Utp1, Utp6, Utp12, Utp13, Utp18, Utp21, Sof1, Enp2, Utp7, Kre33, Kre33, Imp3, Mpp10, Sas10, Lcp5, Bud21, Faf1, rpS13_uS15, rpS14_uS11, Utp22, Rrp7, Rrp5, Krr1, Nop56, Nop58, Nop1, Nop1, Snu13, Snu13, Rrp9, Rcl1, Bms1, Emg1, Emg1, Utp24, Imp4, Utp30, Pno1, Utp20, Fcf2, rpS23_uS12, Utp14, Nop14, Noc4, Rrt14, Unassigned peptides, Utp11, Enp1

Pairwise Interactions

Interactions annotated by FR3D: View all

RNA 3D Motifs

In the current release of the RNA 3D Motif Atlas, 5WLC contains:
  • 67 internal loops from 0 motif groups
  • 32 hairpin loops from 0 motif groups
  • 6 three-way junctions

3D Redundancy

5WLC has chains which belong to the following equivalence classes in the current representative set:
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