#IFECompound(s)RNA source organismTitleMethodResolutionDate
15LZS|1|2 (rep)tRNA, mRNAOryctolagus cuniculusStructure of the mammalian ribosomal elongation complex with aminoacyl-tRNA, eEF1A, and didemnin BELECTRON MICROSCOPY3.312016-11-30
25LZV|1|2P-site tRNA, mRNA (UGA stop codon)Oryctolagus cuniculusStructure of the mammalian ribosomal termination complex with accommodated eRF1(AAQ) and ABCE1.ELECTRON MICROSCOPY3.352016-11-30
36GZ5|1|BvP/P-site-tRNA, mRNAOryctolagus cuniculustRNA translocation by the eukaryotic 80S ribosome and the impact of GTP hydrolysis, Translocation-intermediate-POST-3 (TI-POST-3)ELECTRON MICROSCOPY3.52018-12-05
45LZZ|1|2P-site tRNA, mRNAOryctolagus cuniculusStructure of the mammalian rescue complex with Pelota and Hbs1l (combined)ELECTRON MICROSCOPY3.472016-11-30
53JAH|1|2tRNA(Val), mRNAOryctolagus cuniculusStructure of a mammalian ribosomal termination complex with ABCE1, eRF1(AAQ), and the UAG stop codonELECTRON MICROSCOPY3.452015-08-12

Release history



This classParent classesRelease idIntersectionAdded to this classOnly in parent
NR_3.5_68467.7NR_3.5_68467.63.99(5) 5LZV|1|2, 6GZ5|1|Bv, 5LZS|1|2, 5LZZ|1|2, 3JAH|1|2(0) (1) 5LZS|1|ii


This class Descendant classesRelease idIntersectionOnly in this classAdded to child
NR_3.5_68467.7NR_3.5_68467.83.102(5) 6GZ5|1|Bv, 5LZZ|1|2, 5LZV|1|2, 5LZS|1|2, 3JAH|1|2(0) (1) 6T59|1|23

Heat map of mutual geometric discrepancy, in Angstroms per nucleotide. Instances are ordered to put similar structures near each other. The colorbar ranges from 0 to the maximum observed discrepancy, up to 0.5

#S - ordering by similarity (same as in the heat map).