#IFEStandardized nameMoleculeOrganismSourceRfamTitleMethodRes. ÅDate
15FLX|1|z (rep)Internal ribosome entry siteHCV-IRESHepacivirus CVirusesRF00061Mammalian 40S HCV-IRES complexElectron microscopy3.92015-12-23
25A2Q|1|3Internal ribosome entry siteHCV IRESHepacivirus CVirusesRF00061Structure of the HCV IRES bound to the human ribosomeElectron microscopy3.92015-07-15

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Heat map of mutual geometric discrepancy, in Angstroms per nucleotide. Instances are ordered to put similar structures near each other. The colorbar ranges from 0 to the maximum observed discrepancy, up to 0.5

#S - ordering by similarity (same as in the heat map).
15FLX|1|zMammalian 40S HCV-IRES complexELECTRON MICROSCOPY3.9264
25A2Q|1|3Structure of the HCV IRES bound to the human ribosomeELECTRON MICROSCOPY3.9257
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