#IFECompound(s)RNA source organismTitleMethodResolutionDate
17P3K|1|V (rep)tRNA, mRNACryo-EM structure of 70S ribosome stalled with TnaC peptide (control)ELECTRON MICROSCOPY2.92021-10-27
27OIZ|1|VtRNA, mRNACryo-EM structure of 70S ribosome stalled with TnaC peptideELECTRON MICROSCOPY2.92021-09-15
36I0Y|1|VProline tRNAEscherichia coliTnaC-stalled ribosome complex with the titin I27 domain folding close to the ribosomal exit tunnelELECTRON MICROSCOPY3.22018-12-05
47OJ0|1|VtRNA, mRNACryo-EM structure of 70S ribosome stalled with TnaC peptide and RF2ELECTRON MICROSCOPY3.52021-09-15
53JBU|1|vglycine-tRNAEscherichia coliMechanisms of Ribosome Stalling by SecM at Multiple Elongation StepsELECTRON MICROSCOPY3.642016-01-27
64UY8|1|VRNAEscherichia coliMolecular basis for the ribosome functioning as a L-tryptophan sensor - Cryo-EM structure of a TnaC stalled E.coli ribosomeELECTRON MICROSCOPY3.82014-10-29
75NP6|1|BP-site tRNA-Gly, mRNAEscherichia coli70S structure prior to bypassingELECTRON MICROSCOPY3.62017-06-14

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NR_4.0_56633.6NR_4.0_56633.53.202(6) 7OJ0|1|V, 7OIZ|1|V, 6I0Y|1|V, 5NP6|1|B, 4UY8|1|V, 3JBU|1|v(1) 7P3K|1|V(0)


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Heat map of mutual geometric discrepancy, in Angstroms per nucleotide. Instances are ordered to put similar structures near each other. The colorbar ranges from 0 to the maximum observed discrepancy, up to 0.5

#S - ordering by similarity (same as in the heat map).