#IFEStandardized nameMoleculeOrganismSourceRfamTitleMethodRes. ÅDate
13EOG|A (rep)Co-crystallization showing exon recognition by a group II intronX-ray diffraction3.392008-10-28
23EOH|ARefined group II intron structureX-ray diffraction3.122008-10-28
33G78|AGroup II catalytic intron D1-D4-1Oceanobacillus iheyensisBacteriaRF01998Insight into group II intron catalysis from revised crystal structureX-ray diffraction2.82010-02-16
43IGI|ATertiary Architecture of the Oceanobacillus Iheyensis Group II IntronX-ray diffraction3.122009-12-22

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Heat map of mutual geometric discrepancy, in Angstroms per nucleotide. Instances are ordered to put similar structures near each other. The colorbar ranges from 0 to the maximum observed discrepancy, up to 0.5

#S - ordering by similarity (same as in the heat map).
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