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5JUO Summary
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Experimental technique
4.0 Å
  • 5 RNA chains from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Taura syndrome virus
  • 78 other chains
18S ribosomal RNA, uL14 (yeast L23), uS3 (yeast S3), uS14 (yeast S29), 25S ribosomal RNA, eL24 (yeast L24), eS4 (yeast S4), eS30 (yeast S30), 5.8S ribosomal RNA, uL23 (yeast L25), uS7 (yeast S5), eS31 (yeast S31), 5S ribosomal RNA, uL24 (yeast L26), eS6 (yeast S6), yeast eEF2, uL1 (yeast L1), eL27 (yeast L27), eS7 (yeast S7), IRES, uL2 (yeast L2), uL15 (yeast L28), eS8 (yeast S8), uL3 (yeast L3), eL29 (yeast L29), uS4 (yeast S9), uL4 (yeast L4), eL30 (yeast L30), eS10 (yeast S10), uL18 (yeast L5), eL31 (yeast L31), uS17 (yeast S11), eL6 (yeast L6), eL32 (yeast L32), eS12 (yeast S12), uL30 (yeast L7), eL33 (yeast L33), uS15 (yeast S13), eL8 (yeast L8), eL34 (yeast L34), uS11 (yeast S14), uL6 (yeast L9), uL29 (yeast L35), uS19 (yeast S15), uL16 (yeast L10), eL36 (yeast L36), uS9 (yeast S16), uL5 (yeast L11), eL37 (yeast L37), eS17 (yeast S17), uL11 (yeast L12), eL38 (yeast L38), uS13 (yeast S18), eL13 (yeast L13), eL39 (yeast L39), eS19 (yeast S19), eL14 (yeast L14), eL40 (yeast L40), uS10 (yeast S20), eL15 (yeast L15), eL41 (yeast L41), eS21 (yeast S21), uL13 (yeast L16), eL42 (yeast L42), uS8 (yeast S22), uL22 (yeast L17), eL43 (yeast L43), uS12 (yeast S23), eL18 (yeast L18), uL10 (yeast P0), eS24 (yeast S24), eL19 (yeast L19), RACK1 (yeast Asc1), eS25 (yeast S25), eL20 (yeast L20), uS2 (yeast S0), eS26 (yeast S26), eL21 (yeast L21), eS1 (yeast S1), eS27 (yeast S27), eL22 (yeast L22), uS5 (yeast S2), eS28 (yeast S28)

Pairwise Interactions

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RNA 3D Motifs

In the current release of the RNA 3D Motif Atlas, 5JUO contains:
  • 224 internal loops from 0 motif groups
  • 119 hairpin loops from 0 motif groups
  • 29 three-way junctions

3D Redundancy

5JUO has chains which belong to the following equivalence classes in the current representative set:

Similar structures

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